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Skinny Body Wrap

The Skinny Body Wrap is a weight loss treatment that is unlike anything else you have ever tried. It’s the best way to take inches off your problem areas in as little as 45 minutes per treatment. The wraps themselves come in a box of four that you use every 72 hours for the best results. You can use it on your hips, thigh, buttocks, and even under your chin. Sagging underarm have you down? Than you can apply a wrap to each arm to watch it go to work on this very common spot of contention among most people.


skinny body wrapHow Does It Work?

The Skinny Wraps are made of a non-woven organic material that is coated with an all natural patented cream that is built right into the wrap. So it’s a non messy one step treatment that is super easy to apply, and use time after time again. When you lay the product up against your skin, it goes to work to reduce cellulite, firm up the skin, and improve elasticity. You want to wear it for at least 45 minutes per use, and up to five hours. Although 45 minutes is the recommended time. To start you would wear this smart wrap every four days to get the best results. You’ll be amazed in no time how great your thighs or other trouble areas can look. Use it on your arms, legs, and even your backside. Along with a healthy lifestyle, you’ll be impressed with the significant results that you’ll see right away with this special weight loss product.


The Ultimate Body Applicator

When you order this body wrap it will come to you in a slim, easy to store box so that you can use each of the four wraps the box contains. Some of our customers are even cutting the wraps to apply to each of their love handles. It does go to work quickly on your problem areas. So where did this genius idea come from? Then creator, Luis Mijares wanted to come up with an all natural product, made with botanicals, to make a product that truly is effective on any of your pudgy areas. An herbalist by trade, he decided that the best way to bring weight reduction, and fitness to the masses was to come up with a product that was easy to use, and could take care of multiple areas. The Skinny Wrap is exactly what America needs to firm up, tighten, and get rid of the appearance of cellulite.


A Quick Tip About Useage

It’s best while you are using the product to make sure you are properly hydrated. Water is excellent for your entire body and wellness! It does help the skin revitalization process to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The results will last when used in combination with a healthy lifestyle. So we hope you eat a whole foods diet, get plenty of exercise, and properly hydrate yourself to the best of your ability. The most encouraging part of the program is that you can see the results right away. Get your friends in on. Firm up, tone, and get fit with the product that can provide you with lasting results.