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Price List

Eyebrow Microblading Price
Phibrows Eyebrow Microblading (semi-permanent)$450
Touch-up within 1-2 months of procedure$100
Touch-up within 6-9 months of procedure$250
Ideal Laser Center ServicesPrice
Diamond Microdermabrasion$120
Green Peel$150
Glowing Facial$120
Laser Skin Tightening $120
Skinny Body Wrap (Firming and Toning)$60
Women's Laser RemovalPrice
Upper Lip$30
Chin & Upper Lip$50
Chin & Neck$50
Full Face & Neck$80
Full Arms $90
Half Arms$70
Full Abdomen$50
Abdomen Line $40
Brazilian $80
Bikini Line $60
Buttocks Line $40
Lower Legs $80
Upper Legs $90
Full Legs $150
Full Legs + Brazilian $180
Full Legs + Brazilian + Underarms $190
Brazilian + Underarms$100
Brazilian + Half Legs$140
Full Body (Full Legs, Brazilian, Arms, Underarms, Abdomen or Chest)$250
Men's Laser RemovalPrice
Full Back$130
Full Chest $130
Full Arms $130
Shoulders $50
Neck (front or back)$50
Cheeks $40
Ears $40
Lower Back$70
Upper Back + Shoulders + Neck$110
Full Back + Half Arms + Neck$200
Full Upper Body (Full Back, Full Chest, Full Arms)$290